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An uncompromising modern house built on a tight corner site left an awkward long thin rear garden overlooked by an office block. The linear shape of the site was exacerbated by the construction of green slate plinth at the foot of the building, which the Clients wanted to retain leaving a garden measuring only 4.5 meters deep by 19 meters wide! Very little could be done about the overlooking offices as the owners would not permit any screen fencing, or even mature planting, as this would impede their light.

However, fortunately, this did not perturb the Clients, a busy professional couple as they maintained they would only use the garden during the evenings and at weekends when the offices were empty. To counteract the corridor shape the site was simply broken up into 3 sub-spaces, each with their own function, linked by open access.

Central is a family gathering place, defined on either side by a raised planter topped by a galvanized lattice. A central water feature completes a “green Oasis” to hold the eye and stop it wandering up onto the looming office block. Deficiencies in depth are counteracted by the deployment of a mirror on the wall either side of the water feature.

To the south is a play area adjacent to the Clients little girls bedroom. To the north, making full use of the ground sloping away downwards is a family Hot Tub enclosed by decking. Additionally, part of the flat roof above the garage is decked and enclosed by metal planters to create a sunny roof garden. Striking and vibrant coloured plants are used throughout to complement the bold Architecture.

Edinburgh Garden Design
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