Edinburgh Garden Design
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New life is breathed into this dysfunctional narrow entrance court (now the main entrance to this period Morningside Mansion) by the deployment of a design composed of interlocking abstract shapes set at 45 degrees to the main building.

A visitor is now clearly guided to the front door by a widened natural sandstone path, moving from side to side to provide a better sense of space and movement.

Bold bollard lights illuminate the path at night increasing direction and security. Beyond the path is a raised deck seating area, which enables the Clients to access the evening summer sun near the house rather than travel 100 meters to the lower garden.

New planting consists of strategically placed clumps of mature planting (to prevent thro views of the passage) under planted by low perennials and ground cover. Tulips are proposed in the grasses to enliven a relatively dull time in the panting year.

Edinburgh Garden Design

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